venerdì 6 luglio 2018

Popreal: The baby Moda Fashion...

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Today I'm talking about Popreal Fashion baby clothes online store. My sister and I are always looking for clothes for my niece. In a few days it's his birthday, so I surfed the internet looking for princely clothes. Among the various sites, the one that hit my attention was just that.

Then I took a look at the section newborn baby girl clothes I found this beautiful dungarees with Minnie for baby girls.
And for the little boys this beautiful complete with mickey mouse.
Leisure Boys Girls MICKE Pattern Set
Leisure Boys Girls MICKE Pattern Set
I'm sure that all the mothers at least once have searched on the internet for a site that sells clothes coordinated for her and her baby. Here I have the site that's right for you. Here you will find various models of clothes to be able to dress like your little girls. I have chosen these models in the section matching  couple outfits. You like them?

The first dress I chose immediately struck me, it's a short gloreal dress with striped sleeves. The stripes are very fashionable during this period.

The second dress, simpler than the previous one, in Greek style. I fell in love with this dress due to its bordeaux color of the skirt and the striped cover.
I absolutely recommend you take a look at their products and Popreal and then for those interested I leave under all contacts.


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